Our Baby Boy

10-09-2007 ~ 09-09-2019

12 Wonderful Years With Us

Eulogy By: Bobby and Dawn Potts

On 09/09/2019 my whole life changed ...

For 12 amazing years, you where always here for me. No matter what kind of day I had, the sound of your bark, the sound of your tail smacking off the floor/wall, The sound of your heavy panting because you knew daddy was home made my day perfect! Words cannot explain the pain and intense heartache I will feel from this day forward. From the time I open my eyes till the time I close them, you're in my mind.

Everyday, Mommy and I are used to a routine that we loved doing, to make sure you knew how much you where loved and cherished. Now we find ourselves trying to get used to the fact that you're not with us anymore and our lives will never be the same. The love you showed us every single day, is alot more than what a animal/pet should do, but you weren't a pet to us, You were our babyboy and ALWAYS will be!! I love you Bub and until we meet again, the pain of losing you will remain in my heart unill I see your beautiful face again !!!

I Love You with all my heart and soul,


Til Mommy sees you again my sweet baby boy, here are some things I would like you to remember, and know that I will never forget...

I don't foresee a single day passing by, without me thinking of you. For the past 12 years my life revolved around your beautiful soft furry face. You have given such joy to my life!! All the different facial expressions you had, and Daddy and I knowing what each of them meant, was amazing communication between us. The stomping of your foot and little grunt you would give to express wanting immediate attention. The hilarious looks I would see, when peeking at you out of the corner of my eye! I will surely miss seeing those ham hocks and open toed shoes every day, as youd sprawl out on the living room floor. Your goofy roll around on your back when either, I'd tell you to get up, when your belly was pleasantly full, or simply outside, enjoying the sunshine. The passion in your gentle kisses and the love that was seen in your eyes. All these moments that will be cherished throughout the rest of my life!

The silence that is left behind, however, is like a belt tightening around my heart. To not hear your bark because of the mailman or tresspassers within your kingdom. Your insistant bark of excitement when you'd want a sample of people nummiez, and the silly noise you'd make when yawning, are among the sounds I will forever long to hear. The most painful I must say, is when we would excitedly return home from somewhere, and hearing your lil footies on the floor and the gasps of excitement and howls you would sing when greeting us. Letting us know you were just as excited to see us as we were of you.

My days now are consumed with moment by moment memories of our time together. Upon waking in the morning, to our last trip outside for the evening before bed. Its so hard to believe that the teenie tiny moments like, you butting your head on the door of a room that I was in, the looks of sheer enjoyment you would give while getting a bath, the thank you smooches for drying you off after your bath, and the sound of your tail knocking on the floor as it wagged, would become such huge precious memories that I now hold near and dear to me. I recently read a phrase that sums it all up quite preciously...Your Paw has made a permanent print upon my heart. You are very much loved my puppy boy, and forever painfully missed.

You are and will always be; my lil noodle, pupperdoo, my lil wilbur with the open toed shoes... mummies figure skater, doggie doodle doo, my very best friend, protector, my baby boy...Mummie loves you!! Rest sweetly and peacefully my lil boy.

Rest In Peace Our Sweet Sweet Boy

Until We See You Again!

All Mummie N Daddys Love To You!