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Raz aZoomin, the editor of The Raz Post Gazette, would like to apologize for the printing press shut down last week. The Raz team owners Rips and Zoomin along with SpeedDemon, had to take much needed PTO time. As most of you know, we lost our father, Everette in July. On top of that, Rips and Zoomin lost their best friend of 12 years, Chico, on Sept. 9th and we also attended a Military Send Off Ceremony for our Dad on the 14th. So it has been a very difficult time for us lately, to say the least! I would like to take this oppportunity to give a shout out to our last weeks winner! Congratulations to Raz Triple A and the #54 Real Tree Team for showing team dedication, persistance, and for your Teams win at Kentucky!! We humbly thank you for your understanding ;)

Gibby took his #16 Gibson Chevy to Victory Lane at Louden!

A debate began within the officials of Nascar last night at Louden, over whether or not Mr. Raz Racer would be able to fulfill his duty of driving the Raz Pace Car for our New Hampshire SBP race. Mr. Raz Racer who very proudly drives our pace car each week, met the tough luck pit road mongrel and was involved in a scarie incident at the beginning of the race, and believe it or not crashed into the outside wall at the beginning of pit road! Mr. Raz is undoubtedly shook up over the ordeal, but he is thankfully ok and was able to continue in a back up pace car after a brief trip to the infield care center! The crowds were on their feet, leaving every seat empty at Louden, cheering for him as he lead us to the green flag! Nascar officials are looking into the incident to see what mechanical failure transpired in the car to cause the incident.

Our New Hampshire race was to be a total of 120 laps, but due to the pit road mishap, Nascar issued a temporary stop/delay to the race, and so we officially ran a 90 lapper! The race line up, went as follows...Raz Gibby nabbed the pole position, followed by SpeedDemon, Rips, Triple A and aZoomin. Gibby dropped the hammer to secure to bottom line in turn 1, trying to hold back Rips in the #24 USA Chevy. Rips was able to get a run on the 16 coming off turn 4, passing Gibby for first position on the frontstretch. Rips was able to hang onto the lead for the next 40 some laps, but not with ease. Gibby kept his toes tapping, chompin at the bit to get his position back. The #54 Real Tree Chevy, driven by Triple A cut a tire down on lap 29 and needed to start his pit sequence earlier than he had planned. His pit crew had cut back a piece of sheet metal within the fenderwell in hopes that, that's what caused the puncture.

Rips and the rest of the field started hitting the pits around lap 42-43. The first cycle of pitstops appeared to be on point for the drivers. Every Pit crew celebrated a non penalty race, but the drivers weren't free from issues on the track. Louden was no friend to Triple A in the 54 Real Tree Chevy, coming out of turn 2 at lap 53, another tire went down forcing the #54 into the outside wall. Luckily, he is ok but he lost a ton of time by having to limp his way around the access road to get to pit road. Upon arriving in his pits, the crew must have found extensive front end damage, that forced Triple A to retire from the race.

The game changed slightly and now became a race to the end on fuel mileage. Rips attempted his last stop around lap 75-76. A transmission issue spun the 24 around at the beginning of pit road. He was able to save his USA chevy from obtaining any damage and follow through with his stop as normal. After exiting pit road, just as he began to settle in for his last charge to the front, his transmission had another fit, which sent him into a series of spins down the backstretch. He was able to regain control without bringing out a caution or further issues. The tough luck pit road mongrel was still present when SpeedDemon pulled his 76 Delgrosso chevy into his stall and he overshot his pit. The only ramification to this was a spike in blood pressure for SpeedDemon. aZoomin kept her nose clean this week, with zero issues on and off the track! Thanks to the #76-95 team and the mechanical godz, she was able to also finish her very first Louden race in history with the debut of her new wheel-pedal-shifter ensemble! She just might be a force to be reckoned with in the future!

All but one driver ran their tattered and torn tires across the finish line at Louden. Triple A hopefully will not suffer too terrible of a points hit from retiring early, finishing in the 5th position. Raz aZoomin finished 4th, again breaking another of her records and only being 2 laps down. Rips and SpeedDemon finished 3rd and 2nd, with Raz Gibby claiming the title of Top Dawg this week;)

I began my editorial speaking of this driver, and as I come to the close of this race recap, it is perfectly clear that Raz Gibby certainly completed all of his homework when it comes to Louden New Hampshire racetrack! He was able to nurse his tires, conserve his fuel, limit his pit road visits to one stop, AND do all of this while staying in kool runnings with Rips and SpeedDemon! Congratulations Gibby on your Louden win bruthaman! You worked very hard to accomplish this win and it shows dear friend!!

There are only 2 races left in our Raz MenCup Series. We are off to Indianapolis on September 24th and Texas Night closing up the series, on September 26th. Practice time will begin at 7pm and qualifying at 8pm est, for both races. Rips and I would like to thank each and every one of you for sticking it out in this very difficult comeback season for Raz! We appreciate your dedication, compassion, understanding and ALL of your friendships! You are family to us, spending more time with you than blood relatives at times. We are constantly trying to think of new exciting things to do, to offer, to create, in order to make memories nothing short of spectacular! But none of it is possible without you! So a big CHEERS to YOU, our Raz Members!


We have new Series' starting up in October! We have 358 LateModels, Iroc and Cws15 around the bend! Please be sure to check out the front page of our website for... The Raz dayz with dotz Calendar - month to month schedules showing dots the days we race for points... Countdown timers til next race, located down the right side of site... and the shout box for most recent news, car files, etc... And Remember, anything you need pertaining to the game we play or files you need to play them, can be obtained from our teamspeak downloads section or just simply ask, we can help ya out! Thank you for chillin with me and checking out the Raz Post Gazette this week!

--Raz aZoomin