Becoming a Raz Member

 Raz Racing Team has a prospect process in which you will need to go through in order to become a member of our team.
This process is in place to ensure the absolute best racing experience for you, to protect our drivers and their families, 
and saves Rips, aZoomin, and the Admin Staff countless hours of repeating themselves.
    We are not a fan of inter-leaguing, if you are looking to be a part of many leagues, this is NOT the place for you.
    We want drivers that will be here and be a part of the team/family. If your schedule will only permit you
to be available 1 or so days a week, we ask that you save us both time and just race open server racing as a non member.
We apologize for any inconvenience it may be to you, but out of respect for one of our own, we have retired the number 3. It is now our permanent server number in honor of Raz DEI, aka Jim Gaines. Rest Easy our Dear Friend, you are painfully missed every day


   Equipment Goals for you...

If you do not have the following, you will need  them for Membership consideration...

- a decent gaming computer that's capable of handling the game
- a working headset with microphone combo (Which can be found at Walmart for around 10 bucks)
- a p.c. racing wheel (a joystick will be acceptable ONLY IF you have wicked skills racing with it)
- a decent hardwired internet connection


            The Raz Prospect Process:

  *Let us know of your interest in joining our Raz Team/Family.
  *Attend a meet with Team Owners - To see what your interests and expectations are, and 
we will explain ours.
  *Complete a racing evaluation in open server racing/practice.
During evaluation, we look for...
    - Availability...we want people here who share our passions for racing, 3-4 appearances per week. You put the time in, and we  will do any and everything 
we can to make certain you have the best of everything here.
    - stability and maneuverability around other cars
    - able to hold a line
    - able to draft and pass in a safe manner
    - pitting/exiting capabilities
    - keeping your car off the apron
    - your disposition/personality both on and off the track.
(This process depends upon you and your capabilities to drive and communicate.)
Our Teammates and Admins will offer suggestions, on adjustments you can make in your settings, to achieve more control of your car. 
 *Attended a final meet with Team Owners...
    - Rips and aZoomin will get together with you and want to be assured that you have thought this process through and are willing to commit to this team.
They typically ask for you to sleep on it and give them a decision the next time you join teamspeak.
Acceptance comes after you have completed the prospect process explained above.



         We expect the following from you...
 - First and foremost...HAVE FUN! Enjoy your teammates and the close clean racing
 - Be respectful in regards to time and patience of our Admin Staff. Any and all technical info, mods, tracks, passwords, league race dates, etc, 
can be found on our website.
 - Speaking of website, please take a moment to become familiar with ours. Everything there is pretty self explanatory,
but if you are unsure, or still have questions, you can either Click on a block for answers or if that doesn't seem to do the trick, you can always ask an Admin.
 - Placing a Raz tag in front of your name...this process will be explained to you, once the prospect process is completed.



 - If you are planning to run in league races, you must register at simulation motorsports, the Raz Racing Points Page. This info can be found
in the "Members Only" section of the forums. If you already have a SMS Leagues Passport, please begin with Step 2 in forum instructions.
 - Be helpful and understanding when new drivers become part of our team/family.  You were new at one time as well, please keep this in mind.
 - We expect you to show respect both on the track and in teamspeak, REGARDLESS of where you are, or who is present.(REMEMBER, OLD HABITS DIE HARD)
if you are loose lipped when only a select few are present, chances are high that somethings going to slip out when you don't want it to,

so please refrain from keying up to cuss! The consequences are not desirable!
 - Communication is key here...
Have a question....SPEAK UP
Have a technical issue....SPEAK UP
Need help...SPEAK UP
Going High, Going Low, I'm Pitting, I'm Exiting, Ill be right back...SPEAK UP, let us know whats up ;)


    What we offer in return:

- A Team/Family who will move heaven and earth to make sure you have the best of times racing online, a team who will stand by you and back you up
100% in whatever the case may be
- The ease of mind that you wont be demolished by an inexperienced or disrespectful driver.
- An Admin Staff to assist you at any point in time, if you run across an issue with something or someone, you may speak to anyone in our Admin Staff,
if its something they cannot address, then Rips and aZoomin will find a resolution.
- With the Awesome Admin Staff that we have in place, you are almost certain to have server capabilities at any time. 
- If an Admin is not present and you want to practice, you will be supplied with a boss password, in order to enter the server to do so.
- Reserved Number posted on our website, as long as you are an active Raz Racer, no one will be able to race with your number but you.
- Personalized League race winner photo, front and center, and showing top five finishes on the website
- Member permissions on teamspeak, the website and in server
- Closed league races. No riffraff or non members permitted to run these races
- You are supplied with all the racing goodies, no searching on your own, its a finger click away
- Your opinions matter, so if you have suggestions we keep our ears open
- We have in house Rendering, Painting, Broadcasting and much more
- A friendship like no other in the sim world, most of the veteran teammates have been friends for more than 10 years strong, 
and still have each others back!
- Championship prizes and/or trophie


We thank you for your time and interest in our team/family,
Raz Rips and Raz aZoomin