The Redneck Teamspeak Headset

Creator: Everette Bowers Sr., Published: 08-26-2005, Written By: aZoomin

I would like to introduce you to our dad, Everette Bowers Sr. aka "Polecat". Dad would visit us daily on his way home from work. He was an expert at pranks and jokes. He loved to hear and see people laughing and having a good time. He would watch Rips and I race online at our house, SpeedDemon race when he'd get home, and sometimes would even join in on a practice session or two, using SpeedDemons computer. He got such a kick out of all the things we used in order to race online. The wheels, pedals, shifters, and he found it amazing that you could hook it all up to a computer and race.

Dad would always laugh about the headsets we would wear. He said we looked like airline pilots, lol! One afternoon while he was visiting, dad stepped away for what we thought was to use the restroom. He instead, had gone to the kitchen, gathered up the following items...a rubber band, a straw and two peanut butter cups from our candy dish. He then proceeded to put the rubber band around his head, positioned the peanut butter cups (over his ears and under the rubberband), and then, stuck the straw into the left peanut butter cup. After laughing hysterically, we asked him what the heck was he was doing? He said he felt left out because everyone was wearing headsets except him, so he created his own headset!

The Redneck Teamspeak Headset was born!